Guest Golf

Guest Information

Dress Attire

We request that members and guests wear acceptable attire and footwear at all times.

Acceptable Golf Course attire:

·       Soft spike or spikeless shoes, including sandal soft-spikes, must be worn on the course

·       Shirts must have a collar and should be tucked in

·       Hats must be worn “bill-forward

·       Short length should be no higher than halfway between mid-thigh and mid-knee and no lower than mid-knee.

Unacceptable Golf Course attire:

·       Denim

·       Tank tops

·       Sport jerseys

·       T-shirts

·       Bike shorts

·       Cut-offs

·       Cargo shorts and pants

·       Bathing suits

Helpful dress code reminders:

·       Members, family of members, and guests are asked to wear attire appropriate for the occasion or event

·       The General Manager and/or the Head Golf Professional is authorized to prohibit use of the Club facilities by those whose attire is deemed to be unacceptable