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Womens Golf

Women's Golf Association 2022 Application

Women's 9 Holers 2022 Application

Women’s Golf has had a strong presence here at Springfield Country Club for over 100 years.

The Women’s Golf Association is our “18 Hole” faction of the Club and the 9 Holers, is a bit more social and tends to play 9 holes. However, many women are members of both organizations. To join either association simply download the applications and follow the instructions on the app.

In 2021, a Women’s beginners league was also founded and will continue playing and enjoying in 2022.

For more information on Women’s Golf programs or golf in general at the Club please email the Golf Shop at



The purpose of the Springfield Country Club Women’s Golf Association is to operate, for its members, a social organization that develops and promotes interest and participation in the game of golf.  In the spirit of the game of golf, all members of the Association are expected to show consideration for other players, conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and demonstrate courtesy and sportsmanship. 

  1. To promote friendly social contacts, sportsmanship and mutual respect
  2. To coordinate women’s golf tournaments and leagues and to promote friendly, but competitive golf among women
  3. To educate members and apply the USGA Rules of golf
  4. To share the love of golf and having fun
  5. To advocate for the female golf membership at SCC